Lady Muck®

Outdoor Vacuums

Made in New Zealand

  • Powered by a Husqvarna 125B or Stihl BG86 Blower Motor
  • 4 ply tyres with sealed bearings
  • Front tyre swivels for easy manoeuvring
  • Tow behind a quad bike, tractor, ride-on mower or easily pulled by hand
  • Holds 350 Litres
The Lady Muck Outdoor Vacuum
  • Powered by a Husqvarna 125B or StihlBG86 Blower Motor
  • Big volume air flow with powerful suction
  • Easily removed to be used as a blower
  • Blower attachments provided
The Lady Muck Outdoor Vacuum
The Lady Muck Outdoor Vacuum
The Lady Muck Outdoor Vacuum
  • 4 ply quality tyres with sealed bearings
  • Front tyre swivels for ease of manoeuvring, when pulling or pushing by hand for your stables and flat paddocks or tow behind your quad bike, tractor or ride-on mower

  • Light weight Flexi hose
  • Robust 6mm Polyethylene body
  • Adjustable draw bar
  • Heavy duty clamps
  • All Chassis are shot blasted and have two coats of high quality industrial paint coating for durability
  • Removable rear door for easy emptying
  • Holds 350 Litres
  • Sucks water, ideal for cleaning troughs
  • Guaranteed for 12 months
  • Competitively priced

Customer Comments

The son of Stuart and Ann Weir transporting their Lady Muck across their property

"Buying a ladymuck was the best thing we ever did!"Carolyn Nelson, Homestead Farm

"We've only had the vacuum a few weeks but we are already noticing the difference it is making to our operations. Time saving is huge and the effectiveness is tremendous... It's so easy, effective and most importantly, fast to use. All in all we're thrilled with our purchase and would recommend it to all."Stuart & Ann Weir, Te Kowhai Alpacas

"We find it very useful: alpaca pooh, chicken houses and water troughs. The latter saves hours of scooping out with a bucket. We will soon be cleaning out the calf pens and I think that again it will reduce of lot of hard labour."Paula Svenson

"Ladymuck has almost done the impossible, turning an unpleasant back breaking job into an acceptable task. Not only is it very efficient but the convenience and ease of transport make life easy on the farm."Bill Stanley, Pirfic Alpacas & Fox Terriers

"We have been very happy with the Lady Muck. It has picked up all forms of alpaca pooh dry, wet or sloppy with ease. We have no hesitation in recommending it to other alpaca breeders." Angela & Dean Ruske, Establo Alpacas, Dunedin

"What a great machine. Has picked up anything we have asked it to. No more back breaking wheelbarrow & shovel. Would highly recommend it to anyone. It even matches the colour of our tractor!" Peter & Stephanie Shirnack, Bonnack Grove Alpacas, Feilding

"I'm thrilled with my Lady Muck - it does a fabulous job of sucking up all the llama poo - even the stuff at the bottom of the long grass and older stuff that just can't be done with a shovel and it's so much quicker. I find it really easy to use by myself and brilliantly balanced to pull by hand - even when full! It's really helped me manage my paddocks - the middens are kept small by regular cleaning up - hence a reduction in the loss of grazing - so it pays for itself. It was fantastic to clean up after the sheep shearing - no daggy bits of wool flying around the paddock for months. Cleaning the chicken coop with it was also brilliant, quick and so much cleaner!"Janette Eason-Savage, Briar Patch Limited Llamas, Melton

"The trial with The Ladymuck in our walnut orchard was very impressive. I found the machine very manoeuvrable and the long hose allowed me to walk between the rows of trees and sweep from side to side with ease. It is much easier to use than the purpose built walnut harvester we imported from Australia. The Ladymuck is simple, versatile and does the job. I'm really looking forward to a much easier and quicker harvest this year!Valerie Tester, Trialing Lady Muck, Wairarapa Walnuts

"We've been into it for a couple of weeks, I'm really pleased with the difference The Ladymuck has made. Rather than being a huge chore, The Ladymuck makes the job so easy. The more I use the machine, the more I appreciate it's simple quality. I'm very impressed with the design and efficient operation.""Valerie Tester, Post Lady Muck Trial, Wairarapa Walnuts

"We love our lady muck, it is so easy to use and manouver around the farm either by hand or bike. Easy to tip with a large load, especially for someone my size (50kg), compared to other brands. It has made life easier around here. A must for alpaca breeders, cleaning up middens is now a breeze."Jon and Sonia Cavey, Wellington Alpacas.

"I just love my Lady Muck now nicknamed the "Poo Hoover". I have been picking up horse manure manually for 40 years and have always dreamed of having one of these machines - now I've got one and I would never go back. I use it to clean out the water troughs, hoover up leaves around the garden trees in Autumn and of course the daily task of the horse manure, which has now become fun instead of a chore...and you should see our vegetable garden!! And I must mention the after sales service - it has been excellent! Thank you so much."Annette McFadgen, Motueka

"We love the Lady Muck, wife uses it every day and is done picking up the horse poo in 1/4 the time!!!"Ken and Dawn Czys

"Getting my ladymuck was the best piece of equipment I have ever brought. It has saved me so much time. Sucking up leaves is no longer hard work, it beats a rake hands down. Ladymuck sucks everything you ask it to, JUST BUY ONE it will be the best decision you ever make." Alistair, Southward Car Museum

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